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Media / Presentation Training

How you present yourself is of paramount importance in building a career or growing a successful business.
The age-old saying "You get ONE chance to make a first impression" is not a cliché. It's a fact.

People make up their minds about you almost immediately. Knowing HOW to present yourself effectively is crucial to acquiring new business or landing a new job.

Knowing how to handle the media is also essential in today's business world. We live in a 24/7 media society with news bulletins on the hour, every hour. You never know when the cameras and microphones will be pointing at you.

Equally, there are great marketing opportunities across all aspects of the media which can be turned to your advantage.

Optu's principals have a wealth of experience in effective communications gained in the highest reaches of the media. They've worked with Olympic gold-medal athletes, politicians, executive teams and businesses large and small. They are here to help you.

To find out more information, please read about our media training and presentation training services, or simply get in touch.


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Optu is a Lancashire based business specialising in media training and presentation training. Optu’s principals and key associates have an unrivalled depth of knowledge and expertise gained through many years of working at the highest levels of the media. We have trained executives, business owners, politicians and Olympic gold-medal athletes in how to turn the nervous energy we all feel into the fuel to deliver effective, engaging and winning presentations.
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